Mommy & Daddy Are Getting a Divorce: 7 Tips to Help You Tell Your Kids

Talking about your divorce with just about anyone is probably going to be a difficult prospect, but one of the most challenging moments you will face during your divorce is breaking the news to your children. This is an incredibly important moment that will likely stick with your children for years to come, so it is essential that you prepare yourself accordingly. The manner in which you approach this discussion Read More

3 Key Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution intended to provide a mechanism to resolve legal disagreements and disputes in an effective manner without court intervention. Guided by a neutral attorney-mediator, it is a great resource for those facing divorce as it involves a more cooperative—and in most cases more efficient—approach to the emotional and practical challenges inherent in a Read More

Getting Divorced? Don’t Make These 6 Mistakes

There is far too much at stake during a divorce for you to risk making a mistake. A simple slip-up could prove to be ruinous when it comes to achieving a fair and reasonable settlement, and the actions you take can also have a detrimental impact on those you love the most—your children. If you are facing a divorce, do everything in your power to avoid making any of the following six harmful errors. But please Read More

7 Things Divorcing Couples Should Know About California Alimony

When it comes to divorce, the subject of alimony is infamous. You probably have some concept of how alimony works—with the higher-earning spouse making regular payments to the other spouse—but there are a lot of misconceptions about this pivotal, sometimes hot-button divorce topic. Additionally, every state has its own alimony laws and requirements, so there is a high potential for confusion. In California, Read More

California Divorce: 5 Differences Between Mediation and Litigation

There are numerous different ways couples can approach a divorce. The methods used to resolve divorce disputes and create a divorce agreement covering things like child custody, spousal support, division of assets, and more, will vary based on the unique circumstances of each couple. No single method for resolving a divorce is inherently better than the rest, each is simply more appropriate for specific Read More

What Every Custodial Parent Needs to Know About California Move-Away Law

So, you were offered a promotion to your company’s corporate office in another state. Or, perhaps you’ve met someone new, you are getting remarried, and you want to move in with your new spouse in another county. Or maybe you simply want to start fresh in a brand new locale closer to friends or relatives following your divorce. Whatever the case may be, whether your divorce was just finalized yesterday or 10 years Read More

The Difference Between Dissolution, Separation, and Annulment

It is a simple truth that marriages do not always work out. There is a nearly endless list of reasons why a couple who once pledged their lives to each other would want or need to end their union or domestic partnership, and it happens often in the United States. Most people just assume that a divorce is the only path to ending a marriage, but in fact, there are several different ways you could end a marital Read More

Custody: Legal and Physical

There are two types of custody: Legal Custody and  Physical Custody Decisions involving your child’s health, safety and welfare, fall under the umbrella of legal custody. Decisions involving where and with which parent your child will be residing, falls under the umbrella of physical custody. Physical custody is exercised through the implementation of a visitation schedule or co- parenting plan. LEGAL Read More

Paternity: Who’s the Daddy?

Gentlemen who father a child out of wedlock are responsible for the child’s emotional and financial welfare. A paternity action enables unmarried parents to resolve the same issues faced by parents in a dissolution action, with the exception of property division issues. A paternity action commences when one party files a “Complaint To Establish Parental Relationship” with the court. This action establishes the Read More

Guardianship – Temporary Suspension of Parental Rights

When a child’s biological parents have died, abandoned the child, have entered military duty or have failed to adequately care for the child due to health issues or drug abuse, the family law court has the power to appoint a legal guardian. Through the guardianship process, the biological parent’s rights are temporarily suspended and the legal guardian assumes many of the parental rights and responsibilities. As Read More