Spousal Support – Amount and Duration

Any discussion of spousal support needs to address two factors: the amount of support and for how long the support will continue. Amount of Support In short term marriages courts use a formula to determine the amount of spousal support. The same formula can be used as guideline to determine temporary spousal support in long term marriages. However, case law holds that it is an abuse of the court’s discretion to Read More

Child Support: A Function of Income and Time-Share

There are several factors that are crucial in calculating the amount of child support you will be receiving or paying. The most important of these factors are your income, your spouses’ income, and the amount of time you spend with your children. Other factors include, but are not limited to, the amount you pay for health insurance for the children, any union dues you might pay, or any hardship expenses. Child Read More

Visitation – The Creation of a Parenting Plan

When you start creating a parenting plan you need to look at various factors unique to your situation. In addition to your child’s age, you need to look at any special schooling or emotional needs you child might have. You also need to look at the work schedule and temperament of both parents to ascertain that any schedule you propose will be workable. Courts look for parenting plans that are age-appropriate. For Read More