Getting Divorced? Don’t Make These 6 Mistakes

There is far too much at stake during a divorce for you to risk making a mistake. A simple slip-up could prove to be ruinous when it comes to achieving a fair and reasonable settlement, and the actions you take can also have a detrimental impact on those you love the most—your children.

If you are facing a divorce, do everything in your power to avoid making any of the following six harmful errors. But please keep in mind, this blog is not intended as legal advice for your specific situation and you should always rely on the advice of your attorney when it comes to making decisions about your divorce case.

DON’T go it alone

When we say that you shouldn’t attempt to handle your divorce on your own, we mean it from two different perspectives. Firstly, you should not attempt to manage your divorce without professional legal guidance. Find a strong attorney who will skillfully advocate on your behalf. Secondly, do not attempt to handle the emotional and practical burden of divorce without a strong support system. Ask for help, lean on family and friends, and seek counseling to help you properly cope.

DON’T use your kids as leverage

Children are not pawns in some sadistic game of legal chess. When you get divorced, the best interests of your children should always come first and foremost, and trying to use them against the other parent is certainly not in their best interests. You will likely cause even more damage and trauma to your child than they will already be facing as a result of your dissolution.

DON’T try to turn your kids against the other parent

Some parents will attempt to manipulate their kids’ feelings by bad-mouthing the opposing parent. Not only can this be psychologically traumatizing for your child, but it could also backfire if the courts find you guilty of Parental Alienation, potentially causing you to lose custody.

DON’T try to hide your assets or lie

Attempting to hide your assets in a manner that will prevent your spouse from getting them in your divorce is illegal. Period. Do not do it. Additionally, if you try to lie about your finances or other facts relevant to your case, and the court discovers you’ve lied, they will likely assume you are lying about everything else, which will cause irreparable harm to your chances of achieving an equitable settlement.

DON’T leave your beneficiaries unchanged

As soon as you know you are getting divorced you should revisit anything that has a beneficiary designation. Take a look at your will and other aspects of your estate plan. Check your life insurance policies. If your spouse is listed as the beneficiary, you should change it as soon as possible.

DON’T ignore a court order

If during your divorce the court issues any orders, such as temporary child custody or support order, do not deviate from or ignore those orders even if you disagree with them. They are legally binding, and doing so will only hurt your case.

If you are facing a divorce, the Law Offices of Kayleene H. Writer, PLC can help. Please give us a call today and let us fight to protect your rights, your children, and your future.