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6 Useful Pre-Divorce Planning Considerations

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Dedicated California Family Law Advocates

Welcome to the Law Offices of Kayleene H. Writer, PLC. We are an experienced and well-regarded law firm based in Irvine, California, dedicated exclusively to practicing family law throughout Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, and Riverside. We are knowledgeable and experienced advocates when it comes to legal matters including divorce, situations involvingchildren, situations involving child and spousal support, and modification and enforcement of existing judgements. When litigation is called for, we will represent your interests in court in an articulate, passionate and credible manner; however, not every case benefits from litigation. For those who choose a gentler and more cost-effective approach, we suggest mediation.

We pride ourselves on consistent and effective communication, as well as providing our clients with personal, focused services thanks to a relatively small case load and the fact that we practice exclusively on the area of family law.

Few things have a greater impact on your life than legal matters involving your family, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us for guidance, advice, and devoted advocacy for all of your family law needs.

We offer a FREE consultation to discuss your situation and help you decide on the best possible course of action, so please contact us today.

Services Area

Family Law


We can help you from pre-divorce planning, to obtaining intermediate orders, to preparing the Judgement that will finalize your divorce.


We are devoted to helping you ensure the health, happiness, and security of your children through any and all legal methods at our disposal.


Our firm is dedicated to helping couples calculate an equitable level of support that is fair for all parties. We will also serve as advocates for you.

Mediation & Litigation

Regardless of how we approach your family law case you can rest assured you will receive excellent service and constant communication from us.

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It was such a pleasure to know that Kayleene was in my corner while I had to deal with my divorce. I would highly recommend her, she’s very knowledgeable and very kind. she knows how to guide you through the difficult time. Thank you for all your help.
Chris Burnett
Outstanding & Excellent Attorney! I met Kayleene through a mutual of ours. My first meeting with Kayleene at her office, she is caring, kind and very compassionate. I explained my situation and she listened and when I was finished she explained my options to me i… Read more
Kayleene Writer is a true professional family law attorney who has the track record and connections in her industry to ensure that her clients get the best possible outcome and resolution to complex issues from property to alimony to child support and custody is… Read more
C. N.
Kayleene is the gold standard of family law attorneys! I was frustrated because Dad in my case was claiming poverty and living with his parents. His parents let him live rent free while most of us struggle each month to pay rent (esp. in OC). She made my day by t… Read more
Torry R.
Kayleene Writer is exceptional in her field! She will have your back and not gouge you with attorneys’ fees. She is fair and has the client’s best interest at hand. She can litigate or mediate whichever works best for her client. Should you have a child custo… Read more
Sheri Feinberg
As an attorney who represents businesses, I have had the opportunity to listen to my clients’ negative experiences with a host of family law attorneys. However, I have yet to hear a negative comment about Kayleene, who is simply an excellent attorney, and the onl… Read more
Douglas Wade
Professional, Assertive, Compassionate. Ms. Writer did an exceptional job with a complicated custody case that was being contested in both California and Pennsylvania. Even in the face of adversity and challenges, Ms. Writer showed dedication through research and… Read more
Such a wonderful experience with Kayleene! She truly cares about you and your case. Professional and thorough in every way!
Cindi L.
This attorney is amazing!  We did not win our case, but we feel good because Kayleene listened to us, understood our point of view, and was on our side 100% the whole way.  AND, she was more prepared for this hearing than any attorney ever could have been.  Th… Read more
Cynthia B.
Kayleene is very knowledgeable and listens very well. She is a sharp attorney.
Adam Vaul