Modification Enforcement

Modification & Enforcement in irvine

Helping You Modify and Enforce Existing California Family Law Judgements

We believe that the judgement of the court following a divorce should be adhered to at all times and we will utilize all of our resources to help ensure that your spouse always fulfills his or her obligations as dictated in your divorce agreement.

However, life’s circumstances are constantly changing, and there may be situations where the agreements you reached with regard to things like spousal support, child support, child custody and visitation no longer work as originally anticipated. Perhaps you’ve lost your job and need more child support to cover the costs of raising your child, or maybe you can no longer afford to pay spousal support due to an unforeseen disability. Whatever the case, the Law Offices of Kayleene H. Writer, PLC, can help you pursue needed modifications to your original divorce Judgement so that it suits the changing circumstances of your life.

A change in circumstances could also include “Move-Away” Actions, whether you need to move and want to have the freedom to do so without losing custody of your child, or your spouse is attempting to move with your child and you want to prevent the move.

We are well-versed in both the modification and enforcement of family law judgements, so do not hesitate to contact us in either situation.

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