Dissolution of Marriage

Dissolution of Marriage Lawyer in Irvine, CA

Dissolution of marriage is the legal term for divorce in California. It involves legally ending your marriage and resolving all related issues in a marital settlement agreement. You and your spouse can resolve the process by negotiating between yourselves, through mediation with the guidance of our lawyer, or through a trial in court where our attorney will vigorously represent you before the judge. 

Other methods for splitting up include legal separation which does not dissolve your marriage by law. It also includes a separation agreement that resolves any issues regarding children, support, or property. At Writer Law Group, PC, we can provide the competent representation you need to process both ways to sever legal unions. Our Irvine dissolution of marriage attorney has achieved Certification by the California Bar as a Family Law Specialist; this means you can resolve your case under the supervision of a family law expert who also has 50+ years of experience.

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Legal Methods For Marital Partner or Domestic Partner Separations

As mentioned above, you can legally break up with your spouse or domestic partner through different processes. In a divorce, you wind up being legally single once the divorce decree has been issued. This allows you to remarry in the future should you wish.

In a legal separation, you wind up still being legally married but separated with a settlement agreement that establishes child custody, visitation, and support as well as marital property division, and spousal support. In this situation, you are not free to remarry until or unless you formally divorce. 

Couples may choose to legally separate as opposed to divorce for several reasons. They may wish to have time apart in an effort to restore the marriage through reconciliation. Other reasons may include anti-divorce religious views, the necessity to retain health insurance or other benefits through a spouse’s policy, or other personal motives known only to them.

Summary Dissolution of Marriage

Couples who have been married or registered as domestic partners may qualify for a summary dissolution which is a faster and simpler way to legally end the union. 

The qualifications include:

  • The relationship is ending due to irreconcilable differences
  • You have been married for less than five years
  • You have no children and no one is pregnant
  • Your marital debts and assets fall under a specific threshold
  • Your separate assets fall under a specific threshold
  • You have worked out a legal settlement agreement
  • Neither party is seeking alimony


Annulment is also a legal process for ending a marriage or domestic partnership. This process declares that the marriage or partnership was never legal in the first place and thus is invalid. The reasons for this can vary from fraud to bigamy, physical incapacity, coercion, and more, all of which you must prove to the court. 

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