Surviving Divorce: How to Better Manage Your Stress

There’s no doubt about it. Divorce is stressful. You are, of course, dealing with the exceptionally difficult emotional challenges inherent in ending your marriage. And not only that, but you must also fight your way through a confusing web of logistics, legal procedures, major life changes, and much more.

Stress is ubiquitous to divorce, but it doesn’t have to overwhelm your life or your wellbeing. Below we have detailed some helpful tips to help you better manage both the physical and emotional symptoms you are sure to face in the divorce process.


Exercise is perhaps the single most effective natural stress relief method there is. Even small amounts of exercise will release chemicals in your brain—known as endorphins—which are proven to decrease anxiety, combat depression, and generally improve your mood. Additionally, the repeated motions inherent in exercise can serve as a sort of meditation, allowing you to focus your thoughts on a singular task rather than the overwhelming prospect of divorce.

Lean on your support system

No one should have to face divorce on their own. Make sure you have a strong support system of friends and family in place and do not be afraid or embarrassed to call on them for help—whether that means help dealing with the difficult logistics of divorce, or providing an ear to listen and shoulder to cry on.

Attend to your emotional needs

There are numerous divorce support groups available where you can sit down with those who have been through what you are going through, or are currently going through similar trials and tribulations, and just talk about what you are feeling or get advice on how to cope. Additionally, you should not hesitate to reach out to a professional counselor or therapist who can provide you with strategies to help you better process your emotions in a healthy and positive way. The worst thing you can do is try to bottle up your emotions or hide from them. Confront them head-on and allow yourself to feel so that you can begin to heal.

Get out of the house

When your divorce threatens to overwhelm and permeate every aspect of your life, it becomes more important than ever to distract yourself when you can. Get out of the house and do something you enjoy. Go hiking, go out in the town with your friends, visit a new city. Seize the opportunity to learn more about who you are and what kinds of activities bring you satisfaction and enjoyment. It is essential that you take “you” time and focus on what makes you happy.

Leave the clutter behind

Go through your home and get rid of clutter, especially items that may bring painful memories to the surface. Take care not to get rid of a property that may need to be divided in your divorce, but do not hesitate to trash anything unnecessary. Not only can this be a cathartic experience, but there are proven physical and emotional benefits inherent in decluttering your living space as well.

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