New Beginnings: 5 Ways to Move past Your Divorce


When we get married, we envision ourselves spending the rest of our lives with our significant other…unfortunately, that isn’t always how things end up. Divorces can often be tough (and messy) processes, and it isn’t always easy to cut your ex out of your life due to children, legal proceedings, or financial issues. That being said, a divorce can also be good for you and can be a chance at new opportunities or a fresh start.

Like most people, you will likely go through some ups and downs as you adjust, but there’s no reason a divorce should get in the way of your happiness, so if you’ve just gone through a divorce or you’re in the midst of the process, read on for five ways you can move on after your divorce and discover a new you.

Give Yourself Some Time

However, your marriage and subsequent divorce went, you will still have many emotions to deal with as you try to figure out what went wrong in your relationship. Whether you are feeling guilty, angry, or lost, you will need to sort through these feelings and come to a resolution before you’re truly able to move on. It can help to talk these feelings out with a professional so that you don’t carry these feelings around with you, bottled up inside, in the future.

Connect With Old Friends  

While it can be good to talk through your emotions with a professional, reconnecting with old friends and catching up can have some excellent therapeutic effects as well and, who knows, you may find some new opportunities along the way. Friends, both old and new, can be there for you when you’re feeling alone or thinking about an ill-advised call to your ex. What’s more, connecting with friends and acquaintances is an excellent way to start building out your social network.

Living Space Makeover

It may seem insignificant but your living space, and specifically your bedroom, is probably filled with memories of your marriage and ex. Paint the walls a new color, redecorate, maybe invest in some new candles or buy some new pajamas and covers, and soon, your old memory-filled bedroom will be just yours. The same thing goes for the rest of your living space, of course, taking back your place can be both empowering and enjoyable.

Set Goals and Plan Ahead

If you’re feeling down after a divorce, it might feel like you’re stuck in a rut. The best way out of it, though, is to start looking ahead and set some small goals to get there. Reaching your goals can boost confidence and start helping you feel better. Meanwhile, keeping a list of everything you’ve accomplished and everything you still want to do will help you on those down days and give you some direction moving forward.

Keep an Open Mind

Sure, your old plan for “forever and always” didn’t work out. That doesn’t mean that love doesn’t exist or that your perfect match isn’t out there. Take the time you need and be honest with yourself. Rebounding before you are ready isn’t always the best call, but keep an open mind towards dating. As you build out your social network and discover some new sides to yourself you may find love once again in a place you never would have expected.

Divorces are rarely easy or fun, especially the legal aspects, but understanding that you’re strong enough to make it through is the first step to finding happiness once again. Getting through it all alone is tough though, so investing in the right support network is always a good decision. If you’re going through a divorce proceeding today and could use some advice, don’t hesitate to contact the professional divorce lawyers at The Offices of Kayleene H. Writer today to ensure your best interests are being looked after!