Bad Divorce Advice 101

Divorce Advice

When you tell your friends and family you’re getting a divorce, you can expect everyone to have their own opinions and their own advice to offer up. Some of the advice might be great, but other advice… not so much! In today’s blog post, we’re taking a look at some of our least favorite divorce advice, and offering insight that we hope will help you see things in a more productive way.

“You’re seriously considering divorce? If you were committed to your children, you would find a way to make things work.”

Staying together for the kids doesn’t do any good for them or anyone. While it’s true that growing up with divorced parents can be hard on children, and the divorce process itself can be especially upsetting, it’s still far better to grow up in two happy homes rather than one unhappy one. Ultimately, when you sacrifice your own happiness, you sacrifice your children’s happiness as well. Choosing divorce does NOT make you a bad parent. 

“You’re not dating again yet? What are you waiting for?” or “You’re dating again already? Slow down!”

Different people approach new relationships at different paces and that’s completely okay. Whether you move on right away, wait months or years longer than others expect, or choose to remain single for the rest of your life, your choice is absolutely valid. Timelines are arbitrary because everyone’s journey is unique to them.

“Make sure you hide some money before you start the process so your spouse can’t take it from you.”

Not only is this immoral, but it’s also illegal. If you are caught concealing assets during the divorce process, you can face major repercussions including heavy fines and perjury charges.

“Don’t bother with a lawyer — you can handle this yourself.”

There is so much at stake during a divorce — even a peaceful divorce — that you would be taking a huge risk if you decided to go into it without an attorney’s assistance. The process can be complicated and a lawyer not only offers guidance but also helps you protect your rights. A lawyer is an essential piece of the divorce puzzle.

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