What is a CFLS and how does it affect your case?

What is a CFLS and how does it affect your case?

What is a CFLS?

Family law, as defined by the California Board of Legal Specialization, is the practice of law dealing with all aspects of the California Family Code and including, mediation, taxation issues, child custody, enforcement proceedings, and much more. A certified family law specialist has experience performing the following types of legal matters:

• Preparing marital settlement agreements and pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreements;

• Identifying tax issues which may affect the distribution of marital property and the payment of child, spousal or family support;

• Dealing with complex legal issues involving community property laws;

• Negotiating or mediating the difficult and emotional issues relating to legal separation dissolution of marriage and child custody;

• Representing clients who need restraining orders for domestic violence or must defend against such a petition;

• Handling matters relating to the modification of child custody, spousal support, or child support; or

• Using a collaborative process enabling clients to resolve their issues without court intervention.

An attorney who has been certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization has demonstrated a high level of experience and proficiency in the field of family law. To qualify for certification an attorney must:

• Be an active member in good standing of the State Bar of California;

• Pass a written examination covering California Family Law;

• Have substantial experience in the field of Family Law;

• Complete specified approved legal education requirements applicable to the Family Law field; and

• Be favorably evaluated by judges and other attorneys concerning his or her knowledge, ability, and experience in the practice of Family Law.

Certification gives lawyers the opportunity to make their experience and practice specialty known to the public and other attorneys. By continued compliance with the listed requirements, a Certified Family Law Specialist maintains and improves his or her knowledge and competence in the Family Law field. Ethics, education, experience, examination, and excellence are the pillars of the specialization certification process. Who wouldn’t want that of their attorney?

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