The Attorney Crossover: Gary A. Peterson, Esq.

Hello friends,

I hope this newsletter finds you well! Our office has been busy growing and taking care of business. We have continued to connect with other attorneys from various backgrounds to provide excellent referrals to our clients. We are officially bringing back our "Attorney Crossover" series.

This month's Attorney Crossover will feature Mr. Gary A. Peterson. He has been a friend and colleague for numerous years. Gary has seen his fair share of cases and victories as a personal injury attorney. I hope you find this week's newsletter interesting and worthwhile. Please contact Ashley Patrick at my office if you want to know more or be featured. Cheers!

I wish you a peaceful week.

Meet Gary A. Peterson! Mr. Peterson is an Orange County native and a personal injury attorney for over 30 years. Mr. Peterson owns and operates "The Law Office of Gary A. Peterson," a contingency-based plaintiff's firm.Gary A. Peterson Esq. Headshot

Mr. Peterson has devoted his entire practice to representing individuals who have been hurt by the wrongful conduct of others. When asked what drives him to excel for his clients, Mr. Peterson excitedly replied, "My sense of obligation and professionalism. I never want to let any of my clients down." Gary A. Peterson has represented hundreds of individuals in a wide variety of personal injury matters, including motor vehicle accidents, premises liability, dog bites, and medical malpractice.

Mr. Peterson should be at the top of your list when considering who to hire as your personal injury attorney due to his "vast experience handling every type of case imaginable." He highlighted that, by hiring him, "you get to work directly with me, the attorney. Your case doesn't get passed off, providing you a more personalized experience."

This is the crossover edition of our newsletter, so how do family law and personal injury cases relate?

"The first thing that comes to mind here would be the treatment of a client's personal injury recovery if there is an issue of whether or not their estranged or ex-spouse is entitled to a share of my client's recovery under the community property laws in California. Every personal injury law practitioner should look out for this, including when a client is involved in an active, pending divorce proceeding. In these situations, the client's divorce attorney should be alerted to their client's pending personal injury matter so that the apportionment of the anticipated proceeds, if appropriate and justified, can be dealt with in a marital settlement agreement so that there are no surprises later," replied Mr. Peterson.

Having this chance to speak with a well-versed attorney, I had to ask, "What is your best advice for someone seeking assistance with their personal injury matter?" To which Mr. Peterson replied, "Never wait until the last minute. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible." He quickly followed up with, "And call The Law Offices of Gary A. Peterson!"

Gary A. Peterson is not only a colleague but also aa good friend! He is a kind and amiable person with impeccable character. If he's not in his office or with clients, you can find Mr. Peterson enjoying golf or adventuring on his mountain bike.

If you or someone you know needs a personal injury attorney, I recommend contacting Attorney Gary A. Peterson's law office in Tustin. Visit his website at or call him at (714) 461-6003. Be sure to download the free guide on what to do after you’ve been in a car accident and make sure every new driver you know has a copy of this valuable tool in their glovebox.

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