OCPA & Miracles for Kids – Spring Basket for Miracles

OCPA & Miracles for Kids
Our office cannot thank you enough for your contributions to the Miracles for Kids – Spring Basket of Miracles donation drive. We received dozens upon dozens of donations from local organizations, business professionals, and passionate individuals. There were donations from name-brand companies like Nike and Godiva that were astronomical in the quantity they donated. Your dedication and charitable giving has helped so many families and kids that are in need. Thank you for opening your hearts this season. We were able to provide crucial items to children as young as five months old and as old as 13 years old. We filled a BMW! Our paralegal, Pamela Rider stated, “The whole thing just tugged on my heart,” as she recounted her volunteer experience this past week. Imagine if we had started collecting sooner! We look forward to more philanthropic opportunities this year. Spring Baskets on Desk