The Attorney Crossover – Gregory M. Fitzgerald, Esq.

Gregory M. Fitzgerald, Esq.

Fitzgerald and Campbell, APLC is a fast-growing debt relief and bankruptcy law firm located in Santa Ana, California. The first thing one notices when visiting their website is their passion for fairness and equity. From the sheer number of disclosures, awards, and former client reviews, it is clear that all you need to do is pick up the phone.

When asked about what drives him, Mr. Fitzgerald responded, “I represent consumers/small businesses in financial distress. It’s unfortunate but true that our justice system is impacted by money. Money has an impact on access. Money has an impact on legislation/laws/procedures. Banks inherently have a lot more power and access than my clients. That inherent inequity drives me every day.” His dedication to his clients and cases is unsurpassed. It is why our attorney, Kayleene H. Writer, has enjoyed collaborating with him for more than 20 years.

As a former tax auditor and lawyer for 30 years, Mr. Fitzgerald knows the most important things to look for and what to avoid. I inquired into what he thinks should be changed and his answer surprised me. “Interestingly, I don’t encourage people to debate what laws should be. I deal with the reality of the situation. I advise clients to focus on what they can control. Fairness is not something we can get you. The laws are the laws, and we work within them. My clients have no ability to change the laws and therefore can do nothing about them. People need solutions today. Law changes are definitely needed, but that is not within our control.”

Most people come to Fitzgerald and Campbell looking for advice and Mr. Fitzgerald’s first words typically are “Do not ignore the problem. Get legal advice. You may be surprised what can be done.” The same is true of family law, even if you retain another attorney’s office, getting another opinion and more advice from a professional cannot hurt. Hence why working together is seamless. “As you know, divorce can be financially devastating. Many times, finances are the cause of familial distress. We can assist on all aspects of debt relief, even other than bankruptcy. Things such as judgment liens on real estate, wage garnishments, etc.”

Why should YOU hire their services? “We have been doing this a long, long time and developed a great team of motivated and experienced professionals who CARE about our clients and the results we obtain. We also have a great reputation with our counterpart opposing counsel and creditors and judges. All consultations are free. The best way is to call us or contact us on our website ( and speak to one of our wonderful case analysts who will assist you with whatever is needed.”

Attorneys are human beings. Mr. Fitzgerald is a big fan of the Kansas City Chiefs. I asked him what he would do as a career had he not decided to pursue law. He stated, “I find geology fascinating. Maybe oil/gas exploration.” The ability to make oneself identifiable and personable is mutually beneficial, for the professional and the potential client.

If you would like more information regarding Attorney Fitzgerald’s practice including which services he offers, please visit his website at or call (657) 202-6691 to schedule a free consultation.