Your New Normal: 4 Tips for a Happy Post-divorce Life

Happy Post Divorce

Whether you’re excited about getting a divorce or only going through with it because your spouse insists, it’s a huge transition. Starting your post-divorce life can feel a little like rebuilding everything from scratch. But rebuilding doesn’t have to be a bad thing. These tips can help you create a life for yourself that is happier and healthier than the one you had before.

  1. Build a Support System

Don’t try to be stoic and deal with residual sadness or grief by yourself. Instead, reach out to your family and closest friends for support. A meal with your sister’s family or a night at the movies with your best friends will remind you that your spouse wasn’t the only one who cared about you. You’re not alone.

  1. Stay Away from Negative Coping Strategies

Some people try to numb their pain and loneliness by using drugs or alcohol while others jump from one casual and empty relationship to the next. These strategies will only leave you feeling worse. Focus instead on healthy habits like home-cooked meals, regular exercise, and indulgence in a favorite hobby. You’ll feel better and rediscover happiness more quickly.

  1. Explore New Interests

For the first time in years, you can focus on activities that you enjoy without worrying about whether or not your spouse will approve. Use your new freedom to discover exciting pursuits, like weekend camping, jewelry making, or collecting books by a favorite author. If there’s a destination that you always wanted to explore but didn’t because your spouse wasn’t interested in, why not book that vacation?

  1. Remember: You Can Choose to Be Happy

There will be some emotionally tough times after your divorce, especially when you drop off the kids at your ex’s house or hand over the keys to a summer property you were fond of. But you control how long you let sadness take hold before you go visit your parents or book an appointment for a therapeutic massage. You have more control over your well-being than you may realize.

Once the turmoil of divorce recedes, every day becomes an opportunity for happiness and fulfillment. If you focus on making your life better even when getting out of bed feels like a challenge, you’ll heal more quickly and be stronger than ever.

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